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Ice Ministry
Ice Supply for Special Events

Our Church gives away free bags of ice with no strings attached. It's just one of the ways that we seek to bless our community, or anyone else, for that matter. Our outside ice merchandiser sits right beside one of the doors at the back of our church building. Feel free to grab some bags of ice whenever you desire. We just upgraded our ice machine so we should be able to keep our outdoor merchandiser full.


And, keep in mind that as good as it may be to receive free bags of ice, we have something else to offer for free that's even better. God's Son, Jesus Christ gave His life to pay for our sins and because of His sacrificial death on our behalf, God offers us eternal salvation absolutely free. By trusting completely in Jesus' death to pay for your sins, you can enter into an eternal relationship with the Living God. If you would like to learn more about accepting Jesus as your Savior, please click here.

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Meals Ministry

Every other Tuesday, a few volunteers from our church take home-made meals to shut-ins and others who may need encouragement or just a visit.  And though the meals are appreciated, it's really the visits and the fellowship that those we visit are blessed with.  Those of us who volunteer don't just drop the meals off at the door, we go in and spend some quality time with all those whom we visit.


And it's not just those whom we visit who are blessed through this ministry.  We who volunteer are also greatly blessed through these visits.  It brings such encouragement to our lives as we serve others in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  If you would like to get involved with this ministry, just contact Stephen Staggs @ 

(606) 842-0323.  Whether you are a good talker or a good listener, we encourage you to join us in this great ministry.

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